Classical Ballet

Class Levels and Descriptions

Dress Code for All Levels: All students are required to have their hair pinned/secured away from the face, NO ponytails.

Girls: Class colored leotard for their level and theatrical pink tights and pink leather ballet slippers with elastics securely sewn on. No tee shirts, shorts, skirts, jewlery, etc., as instructed in your student handbook.

Boys: White Leotard, Black tights or shorts, dance belt, white socks and white ballet slippers with elastics securely sewn on.

As many IDT ballet classes have a live pianist, a small monthly accompanist fee may apply, students will be informed of which classes.

Ballet I
Ages 7-8 (6.5 by approval).  1 hour per week required. Students usually remain in level for 2 years.  Class Leotard Color: Dark Purple

Ballet II
Ages 9 – 10. Two, one hour classes per week required before promotion to level III.  Students usually remain in level for 2 years.  Leotard Color: Burgundy.

Ballet III
Placement by level. Minimum of two, 1.5 hour ballet classes per week required, 3 recommended  (+ pre-pointe classes when preparing for promotion to level IV).  Leotard color: Forest Green.

Ballet IV
Placement by level/audition. Minimum of three, 1.5 – 2 hour ballet technique classes per week required, four recommended, + pointe classes. Leotard Color: Royal Blue. Conditioning required as well as jazz and/or contemporary.  Students are encouraged to add on at least one lower level class.

Ballet V
Placement by level/audition. Minimum of four (daily 5 – 6 per week or more recommended) Ballet classes per week (equal to 6+ hours technique) plus pointe, contemporary, jazz technique and conditioning classes required. Any split level IV/V is allowed as at least 4th class only with the exception of comprehensive track students who have already been through sufficient training and are approved by the director. This is for the safety of our students. Level VI classes are an add on to Level V. Leotard Color: Black

Students are required to attend three, 1.5 hour ballet technique classes per week to dance en pointe, and must have established that they have been doing so for some time before pointe shoe testing will be granted. All new students to IDT are required to have approval from the Director of the school before wearing their pointe shoes to class- which includes shoe purchase approval and personal instructions on shoe sewing, preparation and care.  New pointe students (under 1 year on pointe) should expect to wear their shoes 1 – 2x per week or as advised by the director.

Variations Classes and Rehearsals 
Variations classes are offered during Summer Intensives and as workshops throughout the school year.  Rehearsals for annual Nutcracker, Season Performances and other events are scheduled throughout the year and worked into the class schedule.  Rehearsal fees may apply.

Teen Beginning Ballet
Confortable clothes for moving in and ballet slippers and hair as described in above ballet dress code. This is a preparatory class to prep students for transition into Ballet Level III, if that is their goal.

Adult Open Ballet
Intermediate. Punch cards available