Comprehensive Program

Jazz, Musical Theater Boys: Black sweatpants/pants, shorts or tights, white T-shirt, black jazz shoes. Girls: Black leotard; black, pink or tan tights or shorts; black jazz shoes. Tights may be worn over the leotard.
Tap Boys: Black sweatpants/pants, shorts or tights, white T-shirt, black tap shoes. Girls: Black leotard; black, pink, or tan tights or shorts; black tap shoes.
Modern/Contemporary Boys: Black sweatpants/pants, shorts or tights, white T-shirt, no shoes.  Lyrical sandals/paws OK. Girls: Black leotard, black, pink, or tan stirrup or footless tights or shorts; no shoes.  Lyrical sandals/paws OK.
Hip-Hop Boys: Comfortable clothes (not jeans) and clean, non marking sneakers. Girls: Comfortable clothes (not jeans) and clean, non marking sneakers.


Jazz is a true American art form and is an ever evolving dance form full of life, energy and rhythm in different styles such as Broadway, Latin, classical jazz, funk, Bollywood and more! Anything is possible! Classes explore body isolations of the head, shoulder, rib cage, feet and arms and encourage individual expression and the development of each student’s personal style. Turns, leaps and progressions are included within our extended class times as appropriate and safe per level. Black or tan Jazz shoes may be requested by teachers for performance pieces.


Jazz I Ages 7 – 8 yrs (6.5 years by approval)

Beginning/Open Jazz, Modern/Lyrical for Teens For dancers with little or no previous dance training.

Jazz II Placement required

Jazz III Placement required

Jazz IV, V Placement by level. Advanced through Pre Professional.  Classes may be tailored as theater or classic jazz or a fusion of styles.  Progressions, turns and leaps are included in curriculum.  Additionally, dancing in heels are offered in theater jazz classes:  A necessary (and fun!) skill to survive many auditions, is included as part of the curriculum at IDT.

Adult Open Jazz/Contemporary
Whether you are the novice or more advanced dancer, you will get your body moving in this upbeat, intermediate class! There will be a thorough 45 minute warm up comprised of classic jazz techniques as well as modern and ballet elements, followed by series of progressions ranging from remedial steps to more advanced multiple eight count combinations. Class will conclude with a dance combination and cool down. The dance combinations will range in influence, from swing to contemporary to cha cha and good old fashioned jazz! Instructors will rotate for class diversity.

For all jazz classes: Black or tan Jazz shoes may be requested by teachers for performance pieces.


Prerequisite: Students must be currently enrolled in Ballet classes as per their level requirement. Advanced dancers who drop in, approval by director is acceptable.

Contemporary dance classes at IDT are a combined curriculum of modern, postmodern and lyrical, often utilizing improvisation, floorwork, partnering and performing in bare feet. Lyrical as a dance style in itself is defined in part by a fusion of ballet and jazz, demanding technical skill, musicality and an expression of emotion. A solid, ballet-based technique, proper placement and bodily alignment are essential components. Please note in the class schedule what the focus of each class is: Lyrical, a fusion of contemporary styles, or more of a modern based class, as this will be indicated in the title.

Note for Lyrical classes: Ballet and Jazz are fundamental building blocks for success in this class/dance discipline. Please ensure the student is also studying Jazz, Ballet is a requirement as the foundation for all dance forms.

Hip hop is also strongly recommended. Students are able to grasp musical elements, and complex, grounded choreography learned through hip hop helps to develop a whole new level of self discipline and adaptability.

Contemporary I Ages 7 – 8 yrs

If your young dancer loves leaping, twirling, and swaying to modern day music, this is the class for them! Derived from Ballet and Modern technique, Contemporary is a style that allows dancers to explore themselves through Lyrical songs through technique and storytelling. Contemporary students must concurrently be enrolled in Ballet classes to hone strong technique skills to execute this style while also building healthy and correct muscle memory as budding dancers!

Contemporary II Placement by Level

Contemporary III Placement by Level – Intermediate

Contemporary IV Placement by Level – Advanced

Contemporary V Placement by Level – Advanced/Pre Professional


Tap I Ages 7 – 8

Tap II Ages 8 – 10 Beginning- Intermediate.

Tap III Placement by Level. Intermediate.

Tap IV Placement by Level. This advanced tap class will include important elements of of both “Rhythm” and “Broadway” styles, in order to teach students to be versatile in their performance skills. Choreography will fuse different dance styles into choreography and students will be encouraged to experiment on their own through student choreography opportunities and improvisation. Of course classes will include fun trick steps that are always crowd pleasers, but more importantly, focus will be on intricate and subtle steps that will challenge fine motor skills.

For all tap classes: Black or tan tap shoes may be requested by teachers for performance pieces.

Adult Open Tap/Tap for Seniors

Open to all ages! Please contact IDT offices for discount rates and to join our wait/contact lists for this class.

Musical Theater Dance

This class is open to Level II and up. Musical Theatre Dance is an exciting class that explores the world of acting and dancing, as well as jazz technique and fundamentals. We’ll venture through the most popular shows on Broadway past and present. Come join us as we dance to some of our favorite musical songs like “Footloose” and “Popular.” Prepare to enjoy some fun, collaborative musical theater pieces to showcase! Select classes are followed by voice instruction.

Acro For Dancers

Taught by an experienced Gymnastics coach, skills and safety will be taught which directly relate to dance choreography.


Rehearsals for winter or year end recitals are held during class time, with some rehearsals scheduled outside of class time.  For those dancers who participate in our IDTPG program, rehearsals are held throughout the week and on Saturdays, in addition to a fun, team and confidence building company class on Saturdays!